The Billion Prices Project is an academic initiative that uses prices collected from hundreds of online retailers around the world on a daily basis to conduct economic research.

This page shows our most recent research leveraging high-frequency price data, as well as the US daily inflation index (updated monthly on this page).

BPP Geographic Coverage

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Our Research

Our research uses high-frequency item-level data to study pricing topics in Macroeconomics. These are some of the questions we are currently working on:

  • Pricing Behavior: What drives price stickiness around the world? How much can be explained by current inflation, and inflation histories? How much by competition and industries’ structure? Are prices synchronized?
  • Daily Inflation and Asset Prices: We construct daily inflation indexes across countries and sectors and study their ability to match official statistics. We also study the links between daily inflation, asset prices, and inflation expectations.
  • Pass-Through: How much do prices adjust internally when the exchange rate, or the international price of commodities change?
  • Green Markups: What premium is paid in stores for “green” or “organic” products? Since we have data from multinational retailers, we can compute premium differences -for exactly the same items- in different places.
Daily Inflation Data

If you are looking for more high-frequency inflation data across countries and sectors, please contact PriceStats, the company that collects the online data we use in our research initiatives and experimental indexes.