Britain’s inflation data needs to be dragged out of the stone age

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Everyone knew something was wrong. Between 2007 and 2011, the Argentine government claimed inflation was running at an average of 8 per cent but the numbers did not tally with what households were experiencing. Argentinians reckoned prices were rising at above 20 per cent, which happened to be the same as unofficial, provincial figures collected […]


A fair price to pay?

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Study shows online retail prices often match store prices — and suggests why they sometimes do not. When you buy products online, do you imagine you could get better prices in a store? Conversely, does in-store shopping lead you to wonder whether you are missing better prices online? Fear not. An innovative study by an […]


Inflation Nation (Part 2) – What does our low inflation environment mean for investors?

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Core Personal Consumption Expenditure Deflator. Source: Department of Commerce Inflation is an average. Prices in some areas are growing quickly, while others fall. That’s the way it has to be in a broadly diversified economy. The broadest measure of inflation – the personal consumption deflator – measures everything that consumers buy, and weights it by […]


Por qué los economistas llegaron tarde al big data

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Como esta tecnología ofrece un gran volumen de datos, pero poca información sobre un aspecto particular, se demoró su adopción “Cuando tenés un martillo todos los problemas se parecen a un clavo”, reza la así llamada ley del instrumento, enunciada por el filósofo americano Abraham Maslow allá por los sesenta en relación a la sobreconfianza […]